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The Holiday Box from Wayward Gardener

The Holiday Box from Wayward Gardener

$ 79.00 $ 100.00

Wayward Gardener has offered two monthly boxes this year. The reception was great.  
Now it’s time for the HOLIDAY BOX! (Ships 12/2)

SPECIAL SURPRISE !! The first 15 boxes will have an additional special vintage surprise hand picked by Bekki! 

I came up with the idea of sending a monthly box after one of my co-workers suggested it. I was inspired (and excited) to gather together a box of wayward items curated by me. 

What’s in the box? 

Well...that, my friend, will be a surprise.  What I will tell you is that each box will contain 8-10 surprise items worth over a $100.00.  The box holds some of my favorite holiday items that are functional, fun, hand picked and packed by me. If you’re a fan of Wayward Gardener, I bet you’ll really enjoy what’s inside  

When will the holiday box ship? 

The box will ship, for free (in the continental US), the first week of December. You will receive tracking info via email when the box ships  

How long will the Holiday box be available? 

The number of boxes are limited and I predict they will sell out! So make sure you get yours, or you may miss out.

Who is a good recipient of the box? 

They make great gifts for friends, sweet surprises for someone special and the perfect treat for yourself.

Is the box, or its items returnable? 

No, but if an item is damaged in transit we will happily replace it at no charge. Also feel free to share or gift the box items with friends.

When will ‘Bekki’s Holiday Box’ be available? 

 The holiday box will be available for purchase on 11/4/2019 and will ship the first week of DECEMBER. Each month the box will be a selection of different items, all with a value of $100 or more at a discounted price. 

Join in the fun, be surprised and shop small.