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Everyday Cotton Napkins set of 4

$ 28.00

This is a set of 4, 100% cotton, printed napkins. Cotton napkins were my first big step in less waste. Each napkin measures 21” square and are colorfully printed to fit into any decor. Easy to add to any load of wash (I’m sure everyone does their fair share of wash), they add some color to your table, counter or TV tray. These are meant and built to be used, washed, used, washed and used again. The colorful patterns can help hide any stain, so don’t worry about that.  I fold mine right out of the dryer (which has 3 dryer balls in it). They will save you on paper napkins and make a huge difference in your family’s consumption of paper goods. I included these in one of my monthly boxes and got great feedback of how easy they were to add to daily life. 

You will receive a set of 4 identical napkins. 

21” square

100% cotton

100% reusable

100% beautiful 

give them a try. 
great hostess gift