Bomade Finger/Beard Balm Multipurpose

Bomade Finger/Beard Balm Multipurpose

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Multipurpose Finger/Beard Balm™ 

BeardScent - 1.6oz/44.5g
• Moisturize Skin
• Tame Flyaway Hair
• Soften Cuticles

Our balm contains an essential oil blend of wood, citrus and patchouli in a natural oil and beeswax base. Stroke your beard or 'stache to tame flyaways, soften hair follicles, moisturize your skin and smell good. Makes a great travel product.

Not a pomade but a BOMADE™ (body+pomade!)

Bomade is not a heavily stiff waxy pomade – it is a solid oil. Tame finely textured hair and control frizz on thick hair. If you apply to damp hair it makes a lovely natural curl. Use it to moisturize cuticles and the white dry skin around nails. You can rub balm on dry body parts to moisturize skin and soften to rough hands.